Michelle Lou Lan

Michelle Lou Lan is the Founder of MeshYoga, and a former principal dancer. She has been teaching yoga since 2006 when she was forced to quit her dancing career due to a severe injury. Bringing together her passions of dance and yoga, she created a simple and unique style based on traditional yoga. With knowledge of the human body, she was able to break down each pose straight to the basics. Michelle has completed a variety educational programs with great masters across the world, time and time again.

She’s had the opportunity to teach all over from Shanghai, Bali, Hawaii (the most special place to her), Hong Kong, and New York, also working with many Celebrities and Olympic winners. In her life, she finds most of her inspiration has come from nature.

Exploring the world alone, she has learned to embrace each situation with courage. She believes you can find every answer amongst nature and oneself. This is how she brings the spirit of fun and adventure to each and every class.