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MeshYoga Teacher Training is extraordinary, and in a class all its own. Mesh offers a highly selective, and unique program in which you will learn a step-by-step, repeatable process for teaching students how to construct poses safely, and effectively. As a result of the Mesh Method, students experience the joy and liberation of being able to accomplish poses, and reach new levels in their yoga practice. Weaving the fluidity of dance and the latest in exercise physiology with classical asana practices, Mesh provides a fresh, and contemporary approach to yoga.

By becoming a Yoga Alliance Certified Mesh Method Yoga Instructo r, you will become part of a growing legacy of yoga that reflects and is applicable the modern lifestyle. Over the last decade Michelle Lou Lan, the founder of the Mesh Method, has received considerable press, and numerous accolades from industry leaders and students alike. With an international presence, Mesh is growing fast. It is currently offered on Maui, in New York, and China. In addition to her inimitable style of yoga, Michelle Lou Lan has created a signature line of yoga props, as well as an elegant line of clothing that may be worn on and off the mat for teachers to enjoy, and offer their students.


  1. Expertise in how to break poses down into simple components, that you can easily re-construct for students using a tested and repeatable step-by-step process.
  2. A clear, and concise contemporary approach to yoga.
  3. The ability to create a strong foundation, and use a progressive method that is fun and safe for all levels of practice.
  4. The ability to seamlessly enter postures, and experience the grace of yoga as you learn to weave the fluidity of dance, and the latest in exer cise physiology, with classical asana practice.